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  1. I purchased a home and 20 acres on Feb. 15, 2017. The seller was to be out the day of the closing, but asked me after the closing that day if I could give him the rest of the week to get the rest of his stuff out, said he would be done by the weekend. We had a verbal agreement in the presence of our realitors that I would allow this. He didnt get out until Sunday night, then we moved in. He left several items washer/dryer, boat, utility trailer, ladders, tools and a tractor sitting out in the field, that wouldn't crank. He came about 2 months later and got the w/d, boat, and trailer. I finally went out there and worked on the tractor for a few days and got it running again and begin to use it, it works fine now. So today Oct. 14, 2017 I came home to a video of 3 guys trying to load the tractor on a trailer but did not succeed, they couldnt figure out how to start it. I asked the previous owner to call and let me know if he ever came back out here to my property, but he didnt, its like he didnt want me to know he was coming to get the tractor now that its running again. My question is, was the property abandonded by the owner, and didnt the tractor become mine at the closing when I legally took possesion of the house and property that day? Or is it more complicated than that?
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