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  1. I work at a different job currently, but the job I had before this was at a Starbucks. I quit this job after an accident caused by a customer left me with 3rd degree burns covering my chest, breasts and neck. I received no workers comp for this injury but did miss work for 4 weeks unpaid. My question is, now 2 years later, the scarring and skin discoloration have become a severe detriment to me in many ways and do not appear to be able to fully heal despite my efforts self-treating. I feel this impacts my life in a way that is way more detrimental than I had previously thought. I believe the problems caused after the accident and injury continue to negatively affect my life and ability to live as I did before it happened. Is there any compensation I can seek or services I may be eligible for that could help me cope with this problem (not just monetary compensation but perhaps medical treatment for the injury and skin damage)?
  2. I work as a retail supervisor at a Museum on 79th street by Central Park. I was fired today because on of the employees that I supervise was missing $130 from their register at work. It is not known if this person stole the money or made miscalculations on their register and lost it or if the money is even missing at all. This employee was not fired but my immediate supervisor was also fired along with me. My register till was not missing any money. Is there any recourse for me when it appears I was terminated due to the actions of a subordinate employee? Is this a wrongful termination or can I be held responsible for this because I am the offending employee's boss?
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