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  1. can you be forced to accept offer to buy o?ut thew land that was left
  2. i am leveled from my total loss claim that took nearly two years of battling scraping all my family money to support the different obstacles and got me NOWHERE! I WAS ONLY CAR INVOLVED.!in nov 2015 i hit the center divide avoiding a truck who clearly was not allowing me to change lanes. well to summarize i had to pay for two different shops to do a full inspection , paid to get my car out of REPOSESSION, AND still landed a charge off on my loan had to wait to pick up my car since not ibn my name fully till paids off!well dear old mercury wouldnt pay off cause they somehow didnt see my name when they pulled reg, although wells fargo had no problem calling me to ask for money. and wells fargo wouldnt put in my name till it was paid off!and along the route i even was refused to be reimbursed my $1660.00 premium paid on what was truly a total loss.well fast forward and i get a check from wells beg of aug. and no word from mercury well finalLy yesterday im told THEY AUCTIONED MY CAR! And that none of my comparables or other figures we had disputed were relrvant nor my signature due to the reposession.... but i saved and paid every buck my family had to get out of repo?i have prob skipped a few battles but thats the gist and i now havew to tell my 6 and 8 that the promise to be normal kids and go places and not be stuck at home was a lie and i havew no idea how or when we will ever be able to afford a car again!!i realize its not much in comparrison but the last 2 yr were severely affected not having car for demanding stressful situatiions and so much aggravatipon and fights and walking in heat and rain for NOTHING. NOT EVEN REIMBURSED FOR TOW, RENTAL OR INSPECTION!IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE PLS,i hate mercury ins more than devil hates church. i am in sacramento ca. k well i guess thats all for now. ill add the rest later. k bye
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