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  1. Thank you so much! Would you advise that I inform him of my intentions or should I just proceed into the paperwork/summons? Yes! Lesson learned, indeed.
  2. I was approached to exchange video and pictures (digitally) for a sum of money via text message with an ex co worker. He said he would pay me two days later (Friday the 6th) via bank transfer. We covered basic requirements for content, length of video, etc. I provided some samples and asked if we still had a deal, and he confirmed that we did. I provided the rest of the media exactly as requested. He was pleased with the results. On the day I was to be paid, he claimed a bank error and said that it should be resolved in another three days (Tuesday the 10th) I contacted him politely on that day, as well as the next day (today) and have since, been completely ignored. I have the entire exchange via text as well as the media provided. Also, I am in New York and he is in Pennsylvania. If he continues to ignore me, do I have a right to sue?
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