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  1. I don't intend to wait to get served. I gonna press charges for verbal assault and cyber bullying for all the numerous abusive emails and threats to ruin me as well as calls at odd hours. He is now threatening to open a facebook page dedicated to me and how I scammed him. If he dares do that,I'm gonna add libel to his charges. I might not know much about the legality of account management in forex,but I know I shouldn't be threatened by another individual.I know that much. In any case,I don't intend to refund because I'm not obligated to. He even says he has an invoice charged to me that includes his legal fees. How is that possible when I've not even been served any lawsuit talk more him winning the case in court.
  2. I'm in the US and the person I want to sue for libel and defamation is in the UK. How do I go about filing a lawsuit against him?
  3. Nope.no licence. Usually I insist on PAMM only so at least the client will know my own investment is also at stake. But this client begged me to help manage his account by logging in with his trading account details. I refused for a long time because I know PAMM protects the account manager as well. He pleaded and pleaded and I eventually agreed. I guess I shouldn't have in the first place
  4. Thanks for making it clear. It's actually my own business I run helping people build their accounts for a fee so I have to deal with it myself. It's not a registered business either. I just want to be sure his claim is total bs or if I should prepare my lawyer as well. He has spammed my mail with so many threats,he even said he'll settle for half the investment.he's even threatened to defame me and ruin my life and my family because I'm a woman.he also calls incessantly and at odd hours. Then I have proof that the market gapped terribly at that time against all fundamentals. The running trade was already in profits then the gap happened in seconds. Ofcourse huge gaps don't respect stop losses.either he was knows that or he just doesn't care.
  5. Forex is foreign exchange....and why I ask is because he's threatening to sue me in a claim court when the disclaimer obviously says he can't.
  6. Lol....my training was very informal so no it wasn't. I was only told the disclaimer ensures that no one can demand for refund when investment is lost.
  7. One of the inexperienced forex traders whose account I help trade and build for a monthly fee is demanding refund after losing his investment during a volatile period in the forex market. There is a disclaimer that notifies every forex trader about the risk of loss in trading. Every forex trader is aware of this risk. Is it lawful for this client to demand for a refund?
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