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  1. The only thing I got was an email claiming the check had bounced and the check was returned to me. I've gone to the bank twice and they've clarified that the check was cashed.
  2. I've already gave them copies of the check and bank statements proving the money was taken out of my account. The property manager and rental company are claiming my check bounced.
  3. I paid my rent in full, on time, for September at the beginning of the month. A few days later when I check my bank statement and see the check was cashed. Near the middle of the month, I get an email from my property manager that says there was an issue with my rent payment. I go to talk them and they say that my rent check bounced, even though the check was cashed. I go to my bank to clarify that the check was cash and have a copy of the check and bank statements proving that the check was cash and that I had sufficient funds in my checking account. Another week passes by and they claimed to have looked at the copies that were made and they're still claiming my check bounced. For my next month's rent, there is an $100 late fee plus $50 return check fee. I really don't know how to fight this legally. Also, how can a check bounce if I had enough money in my account?
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