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  1. I paid a photographer in full to photograph my wedding and our engagement shoot. We had worked with her before with amazing results so I felt comfortable paying her cash (stupid I know) but I did get a contract. Engagement shoot day came around and I had paid $100 for the location, photogtapher suddenly stopped communication an hour before the shoot was suppose to start. Time comes and goes she never showed and I lost my $100. She had some excuse said she didnt realize we were still going because it was raining. We decided to give her another chance and photograph my sons' baptism a few weeks later to make up for it. She said ok. Perfect. I messaged her the Friday before no answer. The baptism comes and goes and she doesnt show. She answers finally days later with more excuses. I said I wanted my money back. She said ok but she didnt have it and would have to make payments. That was almost 2 months ago and I've yet to receive a dime. She messaged me this week asking to meet up Friday after work to make a payment. Friday comes and goes and no contact and I've yet to hear from her. She has taken down her photography page as well. What can I do? I'm sure I can sue her but prob not likely I will get the money. Is there enough for criminal charges? Or is this strictly civil? Thanks!
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