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  1. Releasing them from liability for my injury, I'm still being seen and treated by the companies clinic " Care Now ". I'm just looking for an answer as to if they can withhold wages if I'm absent due to the work related injury.
  2. The one party aspect is what has me confused, the company( I assume since it's been on company pat stubs ) has continued my salary thus far for every day missed or at work. I have been on a reduced schedule since 8/8/2017. Yet they have their insurer denying recommended treatments and telling me on 9/13/2017 that work missed the week of 9/11-9/15/17 I would not be compensated for due to missing with my back problem, I have seen nor signed any release of any kind. Have follow-up this afternoon with original treating Dr., just wondering if they start withholding salary now is legal.
  3. The insurer says they wont continue paying for days lost....apparently the insurer is covering the salary continuation???? I haven't signed any type of release and do not intend to until my back is fixed so I don't see how this insurer can dictate that I wont be compensated if I miss due to the back injury, nor do I think it would be legal for them to withhold my pay.
  4. They have paid me via salary continuation thus far for any days missed, but when speaking with their insurance carrier representative about injury treatment I was told days missed last week due to back pain and medications that I would not be paid for missed days. I too see a double standard here
  5. If your Texas employer pays you via salary continuation vs workers compensation pay for an OTJ injury, can your salary continuation be docked for days missed due to the fore said OTJ injury causing you to be unable to work.
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