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  1. Hello I am in desperate need of some guidance here. My boyfriend was stabbed in front of me last July and as a result of the wounds died. There are several issues here that I know I need an attorney to help resolve, I am just unsure of what sort of an attorney I need #1 and a few other things that I need someone with legal knowledge to point me in the right direction . Hopefully I've come to the right place . I live in a very small town which is where this happened. We were in my car taking a friend home & the friend is the person who committed the crime. #1 I called 911 immediately and began giving him CPR- 45 minutes later several volunteer fireman show up in their own vehicles ano ambulance etc and by that time he was dead. About the same time the last couple of firemen arrived 2 police cars & 2 county Sheriffs arrived on scene. I was put in one of the police cars covered in blood and begged them to move the car-- let me sit somewhere that I can't see my bf laying dead on the road- to which they declined. Finally they covered his body , took me to the police station to get my statement and then originally were just sending me on my way. Mind you the car was impounded as evidence so I had no transportation and no way to get anyone to come get me . I just saw my bf murdered I was hysterical as u can imagine. The chief of police offers me a ride and then wouldn't even take me home to Mount Pleasant 20 miles away... I was dumped in front of the dollar general in the same street I had just seen my bf killed on hours before. This has totally screwed me up emotionally , mentally -- I am a mess. My bf could still be here if they had answered the 911 call sooner than 45 MINUTES after the fact . I kept him alive I did my best - this is a town population 1500 what was the hold up in responding and when they came there wasn't an ambulance . Fire truck -- nothing volunteer fireman in their personal vehicle - how would we have got to the hospital if he HAD been alive . The police did not offer me any info or guidance for victim relief. They treated,me as if it was no big deal to witness your significant other stabbed perform CPR for 44 minutes and he still died . Then to dump me off on the middle of the night right back where it has happened ? I've read this is easily extreme emotional distress that they are directly responsible for- I need counseling at the very least to cope w this and can't get anyone to help me I want to sue the police. Sheriffs office and truly the firemen -- this is a very small town and county and if I talk to an attorney in this city or county the whole area will know before i leave the attorneys office . This is a good ol boy mentality so I need to know is a civil attorney is what I need first of all and secondly , how do I find an attorney outside of that county that can represent me ? Please someone tell me what to do
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