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  1. My former company did human blood withdraw in company kitchen and conference room by non-licensed people without IRB documentaion; meanwhile, This company is breeding mice in non-pathogen-free condition and used for ascites development and antibody production without IACUC documentation. The animal are living in very worse environment and treated brutally. Now a lot of countries prohibit to use mice for ascites development to produce antibodies. What is your suggestions? Thanks
  2. I was laid off with oral notification from a small company on 09/01/2017. I have 21 days PTO and 1 worked day unpaid. No written policy in handbook to show the rule on PTO. I sent emails to former company but I got no response. Meanwhile, I need layoff letter for my unemployment benefit claim, but the former employer didn't give me layoff letter. Would you please give me some suggestions ? Thanks.
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