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  1. Also 12 mos interlock and 12 mos unsupervised probation. Fees total $500 prison construction fee $500 equipment fee $490 dui itself fee. Madd class $70 alcohol eval $90 alcohol education $200 and of course the 30 day impound which varies however will cost me about $750, this includes the release form charges. All in all the stress relief of being over the potential loss of freedom is well worth the money I will pay. In this instance I believe the police officer was actually trying to assist me in not completing the breathalyzer as I would have an initial chance to plea to a basic dui due to blood test delays. Whereas if they had performed the breathalyzer the prosecutor would have had a whole lot more to charge me with during the arraignment. The prosecutor also explained to me that the plea process allows the city to save lots of money by allowing the justice system to greatly shorten and save thousands of government employee hours on pretrial hearings for offenders that are afraid of the jail time and come up with excuses to have multiple extensions. I was curious about the officer and his choices during my stop however if he had acted any differently and chose to take literally any of the alternative pathways to the arrest I would be facing much much more and on account of that I am very grateful. Officers often know exactly what they are doing just like any seasoned representative knows the process to the service they provide and what outcomes are expected with respect to what actions you take in doing your job. I choose to believe in this instance the officer was doing his job and on account of my good behavior he chose to put the ball in my court rather than totally ruin my life. Thank you all for your insight.
  2. I was arraigned today. The plea was offered as time served basic dui. Nothing in the report about the Xanax. I have fees classes interlock and 30/90 suspension restricted license status with no high risk insurance required. Court is over. Thank you for the assistance. Just figured you would like the info on a recent az dui
  3. I was also wondering, will the charges be updated if my BAC is higher than slightly impaired? Or is what the officer requested the charge that I will have? I'm very confused about the whole situation. Any experience with charges being changed?
  4. Was pulled over for DUI long story short the officer provided me prescription Xanax from my car. Then took my blood at the station. This doesn't sound like it should have happened. Am I out of line here or was that perfectly legal to do? I did ask for the Xanax, however if intoxicated as was suspected is that not a bad thing to do on the officers behalf? Wouldn't that affect my blood test? I'm very curious about this because it is the one thing that really stood out about the entire encounter. I was also charged with a (slightest degree) dui when the officer claimed I was far over the limit however he did not complete the breathalyzer on scene (he pulled the device from my mouth before I was able to finish the test)
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