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  1. Hi I hope here I can find any answer, here is my problem. I live in an apartment, I'm responsible for the electricity and water bill, well durin the month of July I went out of the town during the whole month. I left my apartment on July 2 and return on august 2 and my husband and I make sure that everything was off and unplugged. The apartment was completely empty, well when we returned we were expecting our electricity bill lower that usually because we didn't used anything. And when we finally receive the bill the amount was of $162. Even higher than the past month that was $139.. we call to the company and they send 2 different technicians to check if there is any problem with the meter and they didn't find anything wrong, well they said that maybe could be a problem with the AC.. air conditioner.. we went to the apartment office and talked with the manager and they said they will send a someone to check it.. and yes they found that the AC is broken.. but they only want to give us a $30 credit. So we have to pay the rest and this month the bill came higher like 300 and AC still broken because they didn't fixed. There is any legal action that we can take?
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