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  1. I know I need to move on. I accept that, but I am still an equal partner in that business regardless. They can never take that away. They can buy me out, but they can't take that away. Thanks for your help
  2. I was forced to resign for credit card purchases. I wouldn't call it embezzling. I used it for gas and some auto repairs for a personal vehicle I used for the business. Maybe I am explaining this incorrectly. We are owners that have equal shares in this business. They voted to have me run the business 15 years ago. Which I have done very effectively. They could have come in and helped or ask for records or anything but they did not. They will not tell me what I am accused of and how much restitution they want me to pay. They are not giving me a chance to explain any of these accusations.They have locked me out of the business and wouldn't let me have a vote in the last meeting held as to whom of the 6 of us would run that business. I am still equal part owner of this business and they are shutting me out. Yes I was getting a paycheck. Being forced to resign with threats that I could not check out for myself is more less like a firing. Maybe I'm ignorant and don't know what I am talking about but it is my understanding that they can not keep me from having a vote on business decisions. The worst part is that the person they put in my place took $30K cash in the beginning and never excepted responsibility for it. They never treated him this way. I have no idea the accusations to except responsibility for. They will not tell me.
  3. I am an owner of this business with 5 other family members. This business was inherited when our father passed away. Rather than close the doors we chose to continue running the business.They elected me to run this business 15 years ago. I raised this company from a mere $250K to a $1.8M business without any help from the other owners. They just sat back and waited on their dividend checks. I was fired without notice or proof of the accusations and completely shut out. You are telling me I have no legal rights?
  4. I am 1/6th owner/shareholder of a small family owned oil and gas business for which I ran and grew for the last 15years without any help form the other owners/shareholders. After calling a shareholder meeting to discuss the purchase of a new machine attitudes flared. They asked for passwords to bank accounts and credit cards for which I gave to them freely because they have that right as an owner/shareholder. They found some discrepancies on the credit cards and without discussing the discrepancies with me they forced me to resign with threats to have me arrested. They will not provide me with the information they have accused me of and they have shut me out of the business. There were some personal charges on the credit cards which was in my name but over the past 15years couldn't have been more than $8k - $10K. The business is an S corporation and I have equal shares in this business. The business had a CPA firm for which the books were turned over to monthly. I was accountable for everything that went on. What legal rights do I have as far as them shutting me out and locking me out of that business?
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