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  1. I got the car already. I was just checking to see if I had any rights. Thanks but it's a moot point now.
  2. The information about the reserved spot was provided AFTER it was labeled. I am not an idiot. The opportunity was made available before hand, however, if you paint a new resident while I am parked in a NON reserved spot, I need to be notified.
  3. I parked my car on a Friday night in a parking spot that was not reserved when I parked there. On Saturday morning the maintenance team painted the reservation in the spot which had obviously been reserved by another tenant, but had not yet been marked/labeled. WHILE MY CAR WAS STILL IN THE SPOT! Two hours later the tow company pulled my car. I was sleeping from having worked the night before and was not aware this was happening. I have not yet addressed the leasing office, but I wanted to post here to see what my legal rights are. Can anyone offer guidance?
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