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  1. I suppose I would contest it based on his current mental wellness and state of health. He seemed to be doing very irratic things, and he had a heart attack a few days after signing the new will so his health was questionable.
  2. What kind of proof is required to contest a will? My dad got married 4 months ago, and changed his will 2 months ago to disinherit his 5 kids and 13 grandkids. He gave everything to the new wife. He had a heart attack 5 days after changing the will and was randomly shot in the head and killed last week on his way home. He told the rest of my siblings to keep it a secret from me so I was not aware of this will change until now. They were suprisingly not upset about it but the majority of them are quite wealthy. I was getting the bulk of the $2m estate before this change.... He has acted very irratically for the past year. He was apparently head over heels in love with this lady. They saw a therapist to make sure the relationship was going to work out. He went to AA meetings with her to help her recover from being an alcoholic. They split up a few times before getting married. Apparently, he couldnt bare to be without her so he really wanted to marry her. He ended up paying off her $150k mortgage just before they got married. This from a guy who complained about his electric bill or just paying for dinner... Then they went on a trip to hawaii where he bought a timeshare. They also booked a cruise for later this year. He was spending money rather wildly it seems. He was alone for the 6 years prior to this relationship. This woman seems like the opposite of my mom(who is deceased) so I dont quite understand how it worked out so well. I have never met her, they were supposed to come for a family reunion this week... He was 76 and the new woman is 70. She says she didnt want the will to be changed.
  3. I could try calling some, not sure why they would have the email option if that is not good. Are you sure I need a real estate lawyer or do I need a debt lawyer?
  4. I dont believe the judgements specify that the property has a lien on it and they are not directly attached to the title deed for the property. Although the clerk at the office said I need to deal with them before selling the property. She didnt seem particularly certain though. I was thinking they might not be able to attach to the property since it is my home and they cant take that from you. But I am not sure if you are able to sell your home and move to a different home. As for whether any of the judgements have been renewed, would that be listed with the original judgement or is that listed elsewhere? I didnt see any additions to the judgements, although they are rather confusing since they dont just spell it out in normal english... It would be nice to see what a lawyer could do for me but I dont think there is one particularly local. I have emailed several and gotten no response. I dont think I want to pay a lawyer before I get some sort of assurance as to how he can resolve the problem. If their fees outweigh what I am getting back, then what is the point of using one. At this point, I think my best bet might be to wait another 2 years for all of the judgements to be expired before trying to do anything.
  5. I was working remotely from ny for a pa company for two years doing a project for a another company. The other company would pay my boss, then he would pay me. I was working 40+ hours a week without vacation time. Then I got hired full time by the other company. At this point I was given my final contractor check which I felt was low, since he was paying a month behind or more. I complained about it and the new company ended up offering me $2k to forget about it. I felt the lack of pay was much greater then that so I said I would rather them figure out the exact amount. I then made a spreadsheet of all my hours for the two years which clearly showed that $10k+ was unpaid. I submitted this to them and they said they would look into it. After two months, and them hiring someone else to "help" me, they laid me off. The day they fired me, they said they decided they didnt owe me anything. They provided no proof. So basically I lost my job over this disagreement... I took the old company to court to try to get my money. My boss had a lawyer who was in talking with the judge in private before the case. I felt everything went in my favor during the case but the judge reserved judgement till a week later where he dismissed the case without a reason. I didnt have a lawyer so I tried to get a lawyer after that but the only one I found wanted $5k to start, with potential fees to $10k+. That is more then the case was worth so I decided not to... I tried contacting the pa labor dept to help but they said they dont deal with contractors. What sort of proof do I need to win the case in court? The spreadsheet of my hours, my bank records showing wire transfer payments, and our email / chat discussions was not enough.... The judge wouldnt accept any emails from anyone other then me and my boss so not all were accepted including the one where they tried to offer me $2k to forget about it....
  6. I have $40k in judgements from hosptial / credit card debt listed at the county clerks office. They are supposed to expire in 10 years. Some appear to be past their expiry date but they are still listed. I am looking to sell my house and I am not sure if I need to pay these judgements. The property may only be worth $40k total but I would like to put the money towards a new home elsewhere. oh, Two of them say transcript, rather then judgement. The one is actualy listed as transcript assignment of. This is in upstate ny. I havent had much luck finding a lawyer. Do these judgements need to be paid to sell my property. How do I remove expired judgements? or are they just listed but I dont have to pay them.
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