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  1. no we have not And I have not talked to her or seen her in the past 5 or 6 days this all started two weeks ago when her an another girl were up at the house and my boyfriend went up there an took me with him, to go talk like adults but they where not happy. They started to yell at us calling me every name in the book and all's I did was said F*** OFF AN LEAVE ME ALOWN and I walked away...
  2. The Lady that just moved in next door is trying to get a restraining order on me. She tells my boyfriend she fears for her life an I have threatened her life, when I have never said anything along those lines to her or anyone else toured her for that matter... In the state of WA is she even able to do so? And what rights do I have as I live right next to her and have been here for the past two almost three year?. She just moved in 5 days ago an really their hasn't been any problem we have not spoke or even seen each other... Because of our houses being less then 500ft apart. Would I have to leave my own home if she is able to get a restraining order on me?
  3. hello again I just want to say Thank you very much for taking time out of ur day to megs me back you have helped me in lots of ways but most of all you seen to know what I was talking about and how I felt So I have found out y the landlord wanted me to leave and when we talked about it he was nice to me and Allen. he said we are able to stay just cant have any problem's with our Nabors , an well that was not what they wanted to hear. The lady that lives in the house next to us is saying, She is getting a restraining order agents me because " I supposedly threatened her" in some way that she fears for her life. when I have not ever said anything that comes close to a threat to her or anyone for that matter. this was day be for yesterday an for the last two days she has been at the house next to Allen and I. I have not talked to her and she has not talked to me but Allen just told me that she is still getting one how and what for I don't know.?
  4. Hello So my boyfriend, "Allen" does not have a Rental agreement, or a lease. The only thing we have is a verbal agreement between Allen and the landlord stating these stipulations. Now when I asked the landlord why I was to move and must have done so by today... the landlord said an I quote " because I want u out an if your not out by... then your boyfriend will no longer have a place and he will no longer have a job. This is where I feel the" landlord" is in the wrong and can not tertian my boyfriend Job. To try an get me to leave which is under false accusations anyways... The landlord is the founder and the father of Allen's Boss and thinks this is ok to do to someone. I have had it with all the drama he's acting like a littlie kid an "I thought I was the youngest one here".... lol!!!
  5. Hi I have been living at the property I'm at for about two and a half years there was no rental agreement when I started staying here with my boyfriend since then I have had two problems stating that when my boyfriend goes to work that I am not allowed to have people here I no way shape or form have ever agreed to this with the landlord today he told me that I needed to start proceeding to pack my things and get ready to be leaving is this his right or is it mine to stay here
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