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  1. I was backing out of my drive way the other day and rolled back into a friends car who was also in the drive way. I immediately told him what happened agreed to pay for what i damaged i caused which was a small dent and a couple small scratches on the front fender. We didnt call the police because i have no insurance. 2 days later he calls me with a quote. $800.64, he tells me i have to pay that amount or he will call the police and take me to court. The quote that he got is an obscene amount due to the damage i caused and he refused to get a second quote. I told him i will take care of it but he should find a more reasonable quote. He ended up making a police report and says he is gonna take me to court. I know the accident was my fault but how can i get around paying the amount he is asking or what should i do in court. advice?
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