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  1. So I signed a waver and after a membership plan paper. Regardless I never attended any class after that and it was very clearly stated I had no intention of going or continuing with the membership when I was called and harassed on the phone.
  2. Regardless of what I signed it's not right. I signed a waver paper about injury before class and after signed up for a membership plan, but after seeing my card didn't work I decided I needed more time to think anyway. The guy told me he already threw away the membership paper for now.
  3. I didn't pay a membership fee. I signed a wager about getting injured during the practice. After when I was selecting a membership plan, they had realized I wasn't able to pay at that time and the papers I signed were thrown away I was told.
  4. Almost 4 years to date after walking into this small mma gym I was interested.. the same night they invited me to attend a free class the next day. After that free class one of the owners showed me membership plans. I needed some time to think and the plan options definitely weren't explained clearly and explained much too fast. I had signed a paper before and after the free class, I explained I wasn't able to pay that day and that I wasn't sure on joining. I ended up not going back, no biggie.. until two weeks later while working I start getting harassment phone calls by different owners of the gym asking for something like no less than $900.00. I explained I wasn't interested in joining at that time and the owner continued harassing me day to day. He stated I already made the commitment. I never attended a day of MMA school besides the free class day.. why should I pay those guys $900.00? Just looking at a credit report today and apparently The mma gym is asking for over $1100.00 now. Thinking of the deception and fraudulent charges that occurred it's disgusting. Debt collector tells me to contact the gym.. What is the cheapest most effective way of handling this after 4 years have gone by?
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