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  1. When I said Agressive I mean I cannot understand why speeding would be written as a distracted driving citation. Is speeding distracting? Cooks county doesn't have a fine list online but other Georgia counties list it between $150-200 fine. I was implying that the police might have wrote the citation and summons as a cheaper/lesser fine then a speeding ticket. He didn't say "i clocked you at 86" he showed the radar and asked for the license. No communication. I'm not sure that's why I posted a question. The police said "just pay this fine" but on the citation there is no fine just a court date. It's a confusing process.
  2. I was pulled over for a clocked 86 in a 70 on interstate 75 three lane. I wasn't going that fast. The cops didnt like to communicate when they pulled me over and won't tell me what details are. It says citation and summons. The cop said I just had to pay a fine but that's not what the ticket says. It's a 10 hour drive from my home in Florida. When calling the number it states it could take 20 days for information. Seems a little Agressive for a speeding ticket. The cop made is sound like it was a lesser ticket but after trying to figure out how to pay it's sounding ridiculous. 40-6-241 state law. Cooks county. Does anyone know the fines details and if I need to plan for a trip up to Georgia? I'm a full time student work full time and my moms been in the hospital for a month icu. (Which is why I was in the situation in the first place)
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