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  1. I reported it the next day to the security director and HR, including most of the incidents that have occurred over the last 2 yrs involving that capt and one Lt. That's when I was told to stay out of work.
  2. I'm at nuclear security officer at a nuclear plant. I was told not to return to return to work yet, this was last week after my supervisors met with me three times in a few hours regarding equipment not working and two other incidents that occurred that night. The night vision batteries are what supposedly started the meetings with me. No way whatsoever is there any proof the night vision's batteries fell out while in my possession. Policy states to check the proper operation at beginning of shift, which I did. The missing batteries were reported by the next shift 3 and a half hours after I had left work. During the meeting they also complained that I responded to the wrong door when sent to an alarm , i misheard the door number so created about a one minute delay in my responce if that, and was told I shouldn't have left my rifle in the office beside my supervisor when I ran down the hall to use the restroom. That supervisor and I were in a completely empty building in the middle of the night. My Capt. advised me that my punishment was that I was going to be posted in the search lobby full time until further notice. The search lobby is the post that everyone hates. We have numerous posts and we always rotate to different posts every 3 hours. In the meeting my capt stated he needed a female in the lobby anyway, which is nowhere in policy and no other shift does that. I'm one of 3 females out of 40 officers on my shift. These "3" incidents my capt used as reasons to keep me in the lobby full time, all occurred after I was yelled at by my capt once again. He said I didn't do my security round fast enough which technically I have 12 hrs to complete but I did it as fast as possible but still doing it correctly. It's not safe or advised by the company to rush through a nuclear plant. What he wanted me to do would have violated our ALARA policy. After he was through fussing at me i again am crying my eyes out in front of everyone bc it seems I can never do anything right and I'm always so freaked out about losing my job because I'm well aware I have a target on my back, and I'm far from the only one who knows that. In a matter of a few hrs that night I had 3 meetings with these supervisors the first meeting was with capt and 3 Lts. The other 2 were attended by capt and one Lt. One meetings also included threats of termination only after I disagreed with them. I was so upset and crying that capt and Lt. Told me I could go home that day if I needed to. I stayed for a little while but couldnt stop crying bc this incident was just one of many and only added to constant issues I have had with mainly my capt. for almost 2 yrs now. I was so stressed out, freaked out, and upset that I just couldn't keep it together and didn't want everyone coming through the search lobby and my coworkers to see me crying. The next day,after all that, before shift, i was advised not to show up for work. For 5 days now i haven't been allowed to work. No one can tell me why I'm out of work, when I can come back, if I'm fired , suspended , if I'm getting paid or not, nothing. They have yet to contact to me unless I make contact. They always say they dont know anything. It's no secret on my shift among the 40 other teammates that I'm constanly picked on by my capt and Lts. It's no secret that alot of it is bc I'm a female and some say it's bc I don't stand up to them or stand up for myself, and bc I allow them to do it. I've been threatened several times with termination over little things that no one has ever gotten fired for. They know I'm a single parent and how important my career is. For almost 2 yrs Ive been terrified of making any mistake and stressed out beyond belief. There are a whole lot more incidents over these 2 yrs, like making me be a cleaning lady a several times, crude and sexual comments from supervisors, being called dumb in front of coworkers, etc. Plenty of witnesses to every complaint I have, documentation, and audio recordings of the 3 meetings I had with them that night.