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  1. Ok thanks for the reply only time will tell, it just really bothers me that l now have this new car and l will have to suffer even more down the road.
  2. l was t-bone by a driver running a red light we believe she was on her cell phone (no proof).l was driving and my adult son was in the back seat he had to be taken to the ER by ambulance. l refused treatment but my neck and head was hurting so bad then l got dizzy at the scene and went ER to. The police rule her at fault a witness was at the scene to. My car was a new 2016 only had a month, she did 10,000 worth of damage being l live in Maryland and the % is 75 to totaled but the auto body said it was only 65%. I can totally notice things different with the driving of my car but cant pin point. The hospital diag me with an concussion and sprained spine, l also had severe shoulder pain. I was being seen by an orthopedic and l went to physical therapy. My bills total was 6000.00, oh and the driver never reported the accident at first l reported before she did. But once her insurance talk to her, among everything they accepted total liability. My question is what kind of settlement should l expect, l really want 20,000 is that non realistic?
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