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  1. We own a home in Macomb County, MI. The city has the usual laws, such as no noise from 10PM until 7AM, trash, rodents, etc. February 2017, a rental house across the street saw new tenants move in and they immediately started running a car repair "business" in the garage, driveway, and front lawn. This has brought much unasked for traffic to our street and this type of business is illegal. They work on vehicles from 5PM until about 3AM, every day of the week. We have complained to the City, they state they are having trouble contacting the owner. They have fined them and the owner, but the fines have gone unpaid. We have called Dispatch on nights at around midnight when they have been using very loud car repair tools, such as air compressors, only to have them not show up or give them yet another "warning", but no tickets. They started a fire on the lawn 3 times by using a gas welder out in the open near the gas lines of the vehicles, the fire dept. came, still nothing has been done. Every single night this happens and has been ongoing for 5 months. It is bringing traffic, there is loud noise every night until well into the morning, the property looks blighted and like a junkyard, torn apart cars all over the front. There is no "quiet enjoyment". The City and police have done very little to enforce their own laws. I know this is nuisance and after hours noise, what do we do next? Send the owner a letter? Sue in small claims? When the City has sent the letter with notices and fines to the owner, who lives 4 hours away, he does not answer or pay the fines. But no one has moved to evict these people and running an auto repair all night long in front of a personal home surrounded by other homes is obviously not legal. Any ideas?
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