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  1. yes thank you adjusterjack, that's the exact drawing of the intersection and how it happened. And forgive me, my mistake in saying she's suing. She simply hired an attorney and talking to my insurance about the whole situation.
  2. Hello, I have what seems to be a ridiculous story but true. About a month ago I was making a right on a highly trafficked intersection. I was completely stopped for maybe 5 seconds. All of a sudden a cyclists crashes into the right side of my car. She was cycling against traffic. There was no damage to her or the bicycle, it seemed more of situation in which she couldn't break in time. The police were called and suddenly the cyclists story completely changed. Apparently not only did I hit her, but I dragged her half way down the street with my truck without noticing and some how managed to reverse back to where I had been stopped (now parked) the entire time. No joke, the police were laughing uncontrollably of how ridiculous the claim was. The police offered to call the ambulance, but the cyclists refused. We exchanged information and it seemed to be over. However a month later now my insurance is calling me, telling me that the cyclists is suing for damages done to her person or bicycle. I am in process of getting copies of the police report done that day, as I'm sure the police report will reflect the truth versus what the cyclist is saying now. My question is how serious should I take this? Should I hire an attorney of my own? I would really appreciate your input as I have no prior experience to something this ridiculous. Thank you.
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