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  1. It was filed in Circuit Court. The defendant filed a motion for dismissal based on a claim of insufficient evidence. However, when I talked to the clerk of courts, I was told that as the plaintiff, at any time I could filed for voluntary dismissal. No other actions have been taken by either party.
  2. As a plaintiff for a civil suit in Wyoming, I want to motion the court for voluntarily dismiss a case without prejudice, that I filed pursuant to rule 41 (a) of the civil procedure. I do not have the time or resources to devote to pursuing it any further, and I do not wish to have to return to the state or to see or deal with the defendant. Is it necessary to state the reasons why I am seeking voluntary dismissal? If so, can anyone provide any guidance on wording for my aforementioned reasons? Thank you.
  3. If a Defendant filed a motion to Dismiss based on lack of definitive statements or for a list a more definitive facts, do I have to wait for the court to rule on the order? Can I motion the court for an order to dismiss on other grounds?
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