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  1. I'm sure illegal drugs would not be considered a wise purchase.
  2. My Certified Mentally I'll spouse has recently loss both parents. He is making unwise decisions about his current assets. He is being influenced by an unlawful son who is on drugs and has been arrested many times but his Father gets him out every time. The son will not work and steals, along with a half brother, continuous to support their selves and habits but their Dad continues to bail them out of their unlawful behaviors. How do I put a stop to the money they are getting out of him including cash, vehicles, recently inherited houses and property, and anything of value my husband owns. His sons are no relation to myself and are in their thirties. What can I do to save what my husband has left? We have been married for 11 years and he has been diagnosed with DID for over 8 years but has had this condition since he was a small child.
  3. I know he was not homeschooled because he was staying with her Mother and she told me he wasn't and so did our grandson. The Father went and spoke to the Trunacy officer and District Superintendent today. Come to find out between August 2016 and Feb 2017 he had 76 absentees. But the Mother does not know he had this meeting yet.
  4. The Mother of our grandson took him out of first grade at the beginning of the second semester of first grade because she was going to have to face the judge for too many absences and tarries. She was a week late getting him in school at the beginning of the school year because she couldn't get up on time. She told the truancy officer he would be homeschooled but was not. Now she missed registration for school again and this is the second week he has missed because she has not registered him. The school will only allow a parent to register a child. What can be done and how is she getting away with this neglect?
  5. Sheriff states " he don't have the answer" because the CC office states they cannot commit a person with dementia. My husband had court this week and now has Conservatorship. Now what?
  6. Seriously my father-in-law, let's call him Allen, is trying to shoot my husband. Allen has been diagnosed: Dementia Alzheimer's Type with Paranoid Delusions. My husband has all the guns locked up in a safe. Allen is trying to purchase a gun anyway he can. The Sheriff advised my husband to get consorvativeship over Allen. Please explain what this is and what steps are needed. Allen has become a threat and danger to himself and all that are around him. Court is next week.
  7. All is well. A new CD purchased in all 3 children 's name which must take all three signatures. Was not pentalized and did not lose $2200 interest that it had made in four months.
  8. From what the bank employee stated any one of the co-owners can go and cash out the CD at any time.
  9. I live on her property which is next to her house in a mobile home. One brother lives five miles away, the other 30 miles away I the next town.
  10. Total assets of her checking and savings were $320,000.00 before she purchased the $250,000.00 CD for five years, a penalty of three months interest if taken out early. From talking to my Mother she has already given them control over the accounts. How, through the bank? They can only use their POA authority if she is only mentally and physically unable to, correct? Does this mean she has no control? We are making an appointment with the bank president. I want to sincerely thank you for the information you have given me. i think this is a great service that you are doing for the public and may you be blessed for it. I know Kujo sounds like a vicious name but it is just the name I gave to my pet which was a half wolf, half German Shepard breed that I had for thirteen years. I am just a God fearing, God loving, hard working nurse. Further conversations with my Mother has led her to tell me that they did not want me to die and leave all my inheritance to my husband. She also replied that what I did with my part was not their concern and that she felt as if my husband was her own son. He has done more work with repairs and carring them to appointments and basically anything they needed than all three of us children put together, not for any payment or feelings that he had to do it but because he wanted to do it. He has asked for nothing. That would be like me saying I did not want their wives to receive their inheritance if one of the brothers died and that is truly not my feelings. Both of them have a daughter and a son. I myself never had any children and I guess they think this makes them superior to me. They have always called me "Daddy's baby girl" ( implying spoiled) and that he favored me and done more for me. This is not true he equally provided for all three, in fact more for them because he provided much for their kids which I was happy with and that he was able to. My father was a very generous man and we were blessed to have him. The oldest brother, my Mother, and myself went and talked to the same bank employee that I mentioned earlier to find out what my Mother's total assets were and discuss investment options. At that meeting I asked her was I a benefiary on her accounts and she said yes. A month later when my Mother purchased the CD I asked her again if was listed as benefiary on her remaining accounts and she said no. My Mother denies removing me and both brothers denied any involvement that the bank had made some kind of mistake. I told them the bank don't make them kind of mistakes. When I called this bank employee back and asked her how this happened she replied she would have to go back and look in to this and call me back. She never called me back but called one of my brothers to get permission to add me as a benefiary to a remains savings account. So I have known that they have collaborated and done some kind of undermining to me, which is so sad to me. My Mother is willing to do whatever to fix this matter even if there power needs to be removed. I don't have all the information about what has happen with her accounts. When my Father died she went to the bank with my brothers and she told me she listed all three of her children as benefiaries. It's not even about the money to me I am so hurt and can't imagine how they can do this to me. We are truly living in the last days as described in Matthew. Thank you again for the information you have provided to me. Respectfully, Kujo Psalms 118:8 KJV " It is better to trust in the Lord than put confidence in man."
  11. Ok. If I did not know ignorant meant lack of knowledge I probably would get offended, but you are absolutely right. And your advice in layman terms would be? My Father died in 2013 from West Nile Virus, and he is the one who accumulated this large sum of money through work and savings. This money was only drawing 0.05% in a savings account and the brothers just let it sit there until this year. I was the one to advise my Mother to at least invest it in a CD that is earning 2.5 %. I'm not trying to anything undermining to my brothers, I do love them deeply, and would give before I took from them. This looks like what I have already done. I am my Father and Mother's child also and believe it should be divided equally, as my Mother has wished and she has told me to make whatever arrangements and or appointments to clarify this matter and carry out her wishes. They have told me and Mother that they would make sure I got my part. The Bible says not to put your trust in no man.
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