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  1. Thank you RetiredinVA. These were just the emergency room pictures. He is not dead, has made an almost full recovery. I'm sorry if the photos disturbed you but since time is of the essence I was trying to get all of the information out there. All I was asking for was his vet bill to be paid, which she had agreed to, but never completely followed through on. She paid $250.00, of $3000.00
  2. I didn't ask you to be rude. Obviously, you aren't an animal lover and don't have pets of your own. I adopted this pig, abused, rehabilitated him and then he had to suffer again from people (probably like you) who didn't bother to keep their dogs fenced in! And No the vet bill was over 3000.00, but when you are already there, and the vet is saving his life (which they did) you do what you can! Or at least any Humane, person does.
  3. My domestic pot belly pig was brutally attacked by 2 dogs that came onto my fenced in 6 acres while "Gilbert" was spending time outside, tethered with his halter on. The owner of the dogs was found later that night when we got back from the vet. She apologized and agreed to help in any way. Over the next 2 months, via text, she agreed to pay for his vet bills. I finally had to file a claim in Magistrates Court, I asked for a jury trial. I am planning on serving as Pro Se. She has gotten an attorney. He still has some pooping problems and as a result has become an outside pig. My jury selection is next Thursday the 27th. Can you give me any free legal advice or help with my case?civil case.pages Thank you, civil case.pages