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  1. The county whereas crime was committed can appoint you to criminal case lawyer for the monetary damage (medical bills) you are attempting to recover from the attacker. You need to go to the court file clerk where your docket is filed and ask for refernces of lawyers that conduct criminal investigations/legal research to represent you on your behalf for future hearing of the criminal case. The courthouse also has libraries and customer service areas so you can walk-in and get RELEVANT/ legit resources to either further research of if you can appoint or hire an attorney basically do what they're legally hired to do. You can also represent yourself in court, but with that much financial bail fees WITH 6 criminal/legal pending charges on your opponent, (and to secure your safety), best to not go alone. You can also seek victims assistance with county or state protective agencies, and non-profit organizations for crime prevention. They also have relevant resources to look into. The hospital you were in during recovery also has speech therapy and physical therapy and classes to help you cope. If you are ignored or not content with the basic answers to questions you seek, you can probably be taken more seriously once you appoint legal counsel to interpret your rights to resolve the crime they committed against you, unnecessarily. Sometimes they ignore the victims because there are other crimes they have to fix and or know that the case is still not entirely closed or have administrative process to review even after court hearing. It goes through many investigations and further researches. i hope your safety and welfare is protected. Best of luck
  2. CLASS action means = more than one victim. You'd have to get a legally licensed law firm to collect signed database of OTHER victims (via census and signed petition) Amazons' breech of contract/violation/abuse? As a Amazon Seller, myself, I am protected from being sued by buyers like yourself if you are not content with my old unused/uninterested architect/art merchandises. I believe the reason why emails are the only point of contact is because legally, you can use them as correspondence evidence in court, and allow the differences to be disputed at the lowest level of resolution first between sellers and buyer consumers. Then, once you have gone through that hierarchy level of customer servicing, can recover damage legally, via other means of communication, whereas Amazon should disclose to you; if they are legit and non-deceptive scammer. If you are the only one going through this, it cannot be CLASS action law dispute; at least dozens of other sellers would need to have complained over the same discrepancies. Amazon has customer service and legal department and HR. Have you tried to approach the problem first with these three departments that handle your unsatified service/merchandise purchase? You can also report them to Better Business Bureau and other business agency that can help you investigate your complaints
  3. Well you did NOT KNOW it was a scam/pirated software two years' ago. This is why buying at eBay and Amazon or Education Web site online stores are sketchy. Did you register the product when installing into your peripherals? If is it not pirated, the serial numbers, SKU/ bar code information would pass during registration of products by inventor businesses that manufactures REAL (not pirated) application/softwares. FBI seizes and even labels piracy as federal violation; hence before watching movies there are pop-up ads and disclosures to warn consumers, target audience/viewers. Unless you are on layaway, financially you are responsible for the remaining 2/3 fees of utilizing the software even if you used it personally/professionally less than 3-4 times. Its kind of riding a bike bike that is not leased or rented. You cannot leave REI stores without paying the retail full amount first, but you can test its quality and quantitative value at the store. Same concept applies to computer software material/s
  4. File a summons to get a subpeona and face to face confront the admissions file clerk for damaging your credit and civil case sue them for fraud by using your clean credit cards to 3 companies that accepted YOUR money financially and damaged your credit without consent FROM YOU they illegally stole your money, you have the right to fight them back in court by fraud, non-disclosure, and having no business with them. Being used by others, financially is a personal attack. Don't let them get away before the state statute of limitations that expires the day they abused they're deceptive financial fraud against your good credit. Ive reported companies to Federal Trade Commisions and Better Business Bureau and even legal department of Goldman Sachs to investigate white collar crimes of financial theft. Department of Justice has reviewed my grievances. And you can also report them to Department of Education for violations. I've tried and I was ignored, so I went to the next lower tier of education departments for help.
  5. Just like search and seizure federal amendments, I believe recording must have "probable cause" only by Authority employees to monitor with Judge mandated approved judicial dockets "warrants" spying/espionage without consent is not only legally unethical you can sue any persons or company exploiting you and they need to have probable cause, morally justifying why they would use what they find out, and how they are using it without damaging someone's good name/reputation. if they're just using you to exploit you they are attempting to collect marketing information illegally and in some sense violate your right to privacy which is a federal law (FCC violation). There are agencies to file for violations (I.e.; HIPAA medical privacy rights; they have a patient grievance procedure/complaint point of contact)
  6. Depends on the damages you are monitary seeking; Let's say a college used me in a cover photograph without any singed disclosure from them to me to releases to students and I was falsely advertised by a company without signing any agreement disclosure forms this is violation of infringement of royalty rights on use of media this case: photography. For every printed cover of the brochure, booklet, and or printed material you can recover damages they published since it is infringement to rights that they didn't disclose to you, but you'd have to proof that it is you when that image was taken, not someone else and you would have to prove how by publishing your image financially ruined you (I.e., counseling services, loss of wages, damage to your personal property). Itemize everything they ruined, bring bank statements or breech of contracts you DID or DID NOT sign into. Proof of the damages, and seek recovery compensation. Real life though you'd have to have documentations and evidences. Courts will not consider your credibility without you establishing the proofs in court. Hence why lawyers carry case ? corresponding/pleading documents. I would get them notarized as well to show legit and legal seal, for more credible fact that damage occurred because of the "use of name" and or "image" happened. Witnesses also help establish credibility in a court, but they have to be relevant, approved by court to show, and credible enoUgh to testify in truth and direct. Hope this helps
  7. Tort law ensures a personal right to be treated fairly and maturely by others, but what if someone dismantles someone reputation by personal conspiracy? How can someone prove someone else has ruin their lives by libel, defamation and or gossip "false light" (without disclosures and consent from them)? Any real life stories will be considered. Is this considered in small claims civil case (litigation) or is worth arguing less in arbitration for privacy? What happens to victims who do not report these violations, are there alternative recovery to damages others' falsify? What about others who tempers with original proofs to summon in cases? How can this be applied in Tort or Personal Injury law?
  8. Let's say a family friend dislikes me and sabotages my good name via slander and gossips that ruin my good chances of being treated fairly in school with classmates, teachers, and school-employer Staffs. Do I tell College police of the suspicious activities they create in campus or have them investigated? What if they are not attending school there nor have no business being in campus grounds? What rights does a student have in regards to anti-harassment while enrolled in school and or when physically present; expectations when there? What punitive damages can students recover from the weird immaturity and how can adults prevent their children and even themselves from sociopath-like behaviors of others??
  9. Let's say I am a full-time Employer with a company and another Employer (with personal and PRofessional intent) make errors on collaborated projects at work and frames me of dereliction to right workload and attempts to endanger my OSHA safety and other co-workers? Do I report this act to HR or do I confront the co-worker? What if as a result for the redress they commit retaliation against my good name; based on Employment law how would I approach someone who ruins credibility of others? And how can I prove this to HR without violating Employment law?
  10. There are many white collar scams; I am discerning legit and real life insurance coverages to enroll and or invest into, but am quite skeptical. What resources can i legally research database that can confirm confirm legitimacy of real insurance company businesses from fraudulent real life scam artists? How come one minor infractions of damage to auto personal property isn't covered under the deductible (less than $400 repair cost, install, and order non-damaged parts)? Is deductible cap met after a year of Enrollment payments or based on other Enrollment eligibility qualification?? This applies to both medical and auto personal insurances, etc
  11. Right near the county I am temporary housing at, next door to Courthouses, a non-profit based legal counseling service entity offers legal advise to consumers and informed consent parties. I am trying to find out how credible or legit these services are because I did not see legal diplomas and accreditation licenses to practice against the business walls when I walked-in to apply for help. would ABA.org have resources or BBB.org provide company profile for me to do further legit legal research? Anyone know a good reference to review?? how credible are these no retainer fee-based legal services and how would I discern legit legal help from fraud deceptive non-credential/business license legal entities? I would hate to waste time and money illegally and unjustifiably.
  12. After over 2+ years of being passive-aggressive I am having issues with my own biological parents regarding my first and only biological son. As a single mother, our temporary housing options limit us much (economical) freedom and independence. Four years ago, when I was giving birth to my son, my parents didn't even want to get us discharged from the hospital, outside this jurisdiction, another state hospital. My son was confined to NICU as a preemature delivery and small interferences (four years later) create gaps of disloyalty, belittling, and indifferences of Child Care and Cutodial legal/ethical concerns; when I buy toddler groceries (for example), they mock me by purchasing similar products and unnecessary (verbally) denote me in front of my son over their manipulative domestic violent like economical tactic of "blaming me" for them unnecessarily buying the SAME things when in the first degree was their involuntary choice of spending bad habits. They have never completed personal finance college courses; I have and passed. When they feed him, they turn their backs and feed my son high intakes of sodium and fructose ingredient based consumptikns, knowing him (my son and I) four years ago shared umbilical cord and diabetes (pregnancy). They manipulate the situation by harassing me verbally by threats stating "we'll call the cops on you" when all I want is ALONE time just my son and I to have calmness to be able to sleep or get him ready for unecessary Autism preschooling and medical appointment screenings that they contribute/underlying cause. Two years ago, (I took a referral part time job by my own mother) transport her friends' children, leaving my son alone with them and as a result my son has the audiological issues and worst Farsightedness a four year age toddler does not need; complicating while hindering his development delays. They humiliate my son by perversive body language and non-verbal cues when I observe how they treat him when I am around. They whisper to a four year old things that I have absolutely nothing to do with regarding their insecurities with their acquaintances and family whom I DO NOT know nor spend time with on a regular personal downtime basis. They have in the past screamed, attempt to assault and batter me in front of my son who witnesses and is emotionally traumatized of the sporadic events. I have read psychological medical college reviews of pathological liar, and medical ailments of elderly age sicknesses like forgetfulness and outbursts of uncontrollable tempers similar idiosyncrasies; mood disorder/bi--polar?? They isolate me from family and laugh with childhood neighbors who are acquaintances and strangers (I don't hang out or know them). last month when I threw a family party for my sons birthday my mother invited former coworkers of her who insulted me in front of my son and with derelictions cause emotional distress subliminally make offensive and immature commenys every time I would casually pass by as the party planner for my child. after that, I called local police authority since they threatened to kill me by stating that out loud outside the house (they're neighbors are witnesses and overheard) harassing to evict me, by telling the cop I called, while my son had nervous breakdown as a witness to their inability to compartamentalize their behaviors and no emotions, adding more rift between having a healthy and safe relationship with my son and I. they ostracize me from sharing meals with them economically. They invade our privacy and violate Tort (personal) laws and falsely make me seem like I am inadequate to provide custody for my son through emotional and physical abuse; theologically and economically alienate, and without consent go places without me with my son (almost feels like kidnap since they do not share nor ask for consent and disclosure). I am the biological mother and often not told about activities they isolate me from as they use my son to get invited to gatherings leaving me out when I am not working or in college. the crossing of boundaries becomes more taxing when they get medical ailments, refuse to quarantine themselves, from my son, and passes the disease and viral infections to me twice now the entire summer season (time frame). I have been ignored and neglected as the biological single mother and they manipulate the situation of custodial rights by stripping away my dignity as a mother, former Veteran, and holistic student in medicine whenever he gets infections/bacterias from them. They seem discontent and zealous of my happiness with relationships, they ruined all my relationships with Community, mediate family, and now even with my biological son. I have been quiet for four years of the disregard and somewhat seem abuse of power. They even make excuses and lies to prevent me from taking my son to sunday masses where I had him baptized three years ago. I have caught their family and friends stalking (following me in public without disclosure) at local malls, restaurants, and even day care centers and when I finally mustered to confront them verbally they insult me and roll their eyes. For over 22 years of age adults, I expected reciprocity of mutual and civil respect not to be followed and bothered in public and even private spaces and when me and my son are in disposed and they ruin personal safety and security to have a peace of mind and allotted time to alone for solitude, rest, and healing. I have discussed this with a social worker who also works for the same county as my mother and I caught them talking behind my back several times committing conspiracy. I even caught them in the act kicking and dressing the same and body language cue each other. I have multiple times caught them abusing their rights and priveledges as they manipulate to make my son dislike me. They do not feed him healthy dietary planned meal and snacks (they overly feed him normal amount intake based on AGE), and do not attend parenting seminars, workshops and read college level books. They sit for hours in front of the television pretend to watch him while they snore as my son gets ADD/ ADHD and I am so upset of how they ruin his intellectual learning ability and add more development delays from age of 2 to now 4 years of age. I have observed them their friends family and neighbors and Community behaviors and subliminal illicit tactics and degrading communication abuse of power through manipulation of truths by documentations, security breech, and non parental consent activities. They often disregard my biological custody rights and downplay emotional unavailability negligence. They have abandoned me since I started working at the age of 15 years of age and over 15+ years later continue to be there for others and not me as their child. They plan ruining my relationships and talk (unnecessary slander/libel) behind my back with neighbors, their friends, and family whom think that acting immature over the age of 21 years old is equality and or normalcy. They raise my son in front of me as if I am not existent and every other day or so when they are in the mood to create drama harass me by using my son and care-taking issues which I did NOT ask nor give 'consent' for them voluntarily to do. They limit my biological mother and reproductive rights by abuse-like tactics and never consider how I might be feeling. As a biproduct my son and I go to medical (unnecessary) appointments due to their incapacity to provide preventive medicine lifestyle and moral/ethically justifiable base welfare, living conditions. I dont feel feel like anyone is on my side as they insult me subliminally and tell me to either commit suicide by unnecessary medications when I am studying alternative homeopathic medicine that does not rely on prescribed medications. They even isolate me alone after they throw ropes and harmful contrabands in the house, outdoors, and when they want to seem cool with their adult peers; probably since their bullying friends betray they're children. I never and am not jealous of their jobs and make them look bad while they are at work, and when I was working their weird friends literally made me look bad with my coworkers who they throw parties and go to restaurants with them behind my back; continuing the conspiracy to ruin relationships. I have thought of seeking guidance with an employment lawyer about the personal attack while at work or in when in college, but cannot sufficiently afford retainers' fee nor want to justify their immature improper behaviors and downtime activities. if you were in my disposition, how would you cope with these indifferences? as a former communications undergrad I am aware of the generation gaps and parenting upbringings that their generations did to my generation, but often times I feel marginalized and misconceptionally misinterpreted. Thats an exhibit evidence photo of a dispute I am sharing as personal testimonial to the events I listed above; legally/ethically and morally.
  13. In good faith, is an auto a Lemon Car if the the private auto dealers does NOT disclose to prospect consumers previous auto accident history report? What can a buyer do if the dealership fails to disclose history accident reports and the customer went out of their way to investigate it themselves with little to no help? And what about other costs and previous damages the dealers does not repair nor replace? Are consumers liable or dealers negligent?
  14. I am a domicile temporary resident near D.C., MD, VA tri-state and just need links or additional references of legal counsel with small to no retainers' fees? Does anyone know anybody accredited for this type of grievance in civilian civil courts? Economically, I cannot attain retainers fees or pre-trial billable hour charges.
  15. Lucy, First and foremost; stay strong for your children and yourself. I have a toddler and emphasize with the same circumstance similar to yours. Did your mother take your son to a trip in Vegas without your verbal and or written consent? That sounds like kid napping without biological parental consent... I would ask security breech questions; with your closest police department. What other suspicious activities are your mediate family covering up behind your back? The department of human services (depending on your state and county), has day care options, with limited financial liability expense that could help you and your son when you're at work or at school, which blocks your family from doing things to your son and yourself without legal consent and knowledge. It is shameful that they would compete with you; it's enough you have unresolved legal matters with your kids' father and when your own family does the same you lose credence of respect and boundary issues. the fact that they undermine your maternal decisions without written or verbal consent is very emotionally distressful as it is; legally and ethically. I empathize with you because I went through something similar...Someone even went out of their (wasted time and) day to report me and my son with protective services in 2013 and 2015/2016. The county I reside in even protected their identities instead of taking my side; falsely alleging I "neglected" my son (after 4 days of contraction); 3+ years later. Obviously their false accusations does nothing to improve our quality of lives as single mothers by legal choice. I told the protective service person who went to my home that I need their identities revealed so I may contact an Esquire. If if I were you seek police help and inquire legal advice from accredited legal services in Family/Domestic relations. They will not take sides and you will have lesser sleepless nights. Stay safe and don't lose hope.
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