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  1. Hi,Mom died, no will. Enclosed, I received this message from my sister, (executor) on a social network we belong to. Please notice the date! When mom died, still in mourning, 6 mts later, I was forced to sign the executor of will document , so my sisters and I could place a civil medical malpractice suit against a doctor. Not close to my sisters, I would email and text her at time to get updates on the proceedings and court dates. . I finally research the case , got the docket # and tried not to bother her because she had a very sick child who needed a bone marrow. Since I,myself, am a cancer survivor and had suffered severe damages, I am disabled. Knowing the case was soon to be tried, I constantly called, texted, emailed her to get the court dates to attend and be my moms voice, she never got back to me, so i missed all cases. Found out she was in another state getting treatments, and neglected the responsibilities of executor. I did find out no trial, but arbitration and no way to find out court dates, I received a call from her , not to attend arbitration, to tell me we won the "low side". Then this letter..Notice the date. And have not received anything. Gave her all she asked for. Attorneys will not speak to me about the decision, because my sister hired them. I received no personal objects of my mother, On chemo & broken leg stopped me from helping to cleaning moms house out. They kept everything. we were all name in the proceeds or property. What can I do. I can not stop thinking about this. It is not the monies, but the way they handled everything, or mishandled. Sneaking, lying, incompetent., Should I get a lawyer, will they be responsible for fees. And how to recover any monies they took. Mom did have a little insurance, but i have no paperwork. to prove it. Mom was at my house everyday. my sisters Disowned her and didn;t talk to her for years. 1 year before death, they began reconciliations. Thank you for your time! 5:01pm Aug 13 I received the disbursement of funds from the lawyer or Medicare and expenses I signed it and returned it back to lawyers office haven't heard back yet, if you forward me an email or fax number I can send you a copy. When I get that back, then I need to settle the estate, registrar of wills etc. April 5:01pm Aug 13 Ang is doing well, thanks for asking