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  1. Hello, I hope this is the correct place for this but I need some advice on what my options are going forward. Long story short, I just bought a house roughly two weeks ago and the sellers came to the closing table still moving out of their (now my) house. I think they finished up just as the papers were being signed. As such they kind of left the place a mess and rather dirty and left in a hurry. I also noticed that they took the 9 window treatments which were stated as staying in the signed disclosures and left mounting holes where they took down the TV mount. I told them of this mistake and after some conversations they said they'd return them and $100 dollars for the re installation (nothing about the TV mount). I countered with return and 280 (the average installation cost for 9 treatments in my area, courtesy of an online calculator). I got no real commitment on the price just a statement of return. Flash forward to the return, they only gave $75 towards the install. Now, I don't mean to sound greedy or anything but I don't think that will cover the costs of rehanging them. What are my options to get the correct amount of money out of them (assuming I know the amount once I get them reinstalled)? Thanks
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