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  1. i was except for my bonding procces at fremon county sheriffs office.
  2. isnt it illegal to be fored to stay in a cell 24 hours of tthe day
  3. for the booking procces fingerprinting medical questionaire and change into county clothes. yes the cell had a toielt and i have meals drop thro the door. but i thought the laws was you had to have one hour out of your cell.
  4. s it legal for them to hold me in a cell that long with out any time out/
  5. oh this was on a ticket for driving under revoction and none of my property including cash and id was returned to me
  6. i was left in a jail cell, from roughly 545 am on 6\28 till 130 pm on 6/29. i was only let out of the cell for 30 minutes, to be booked in at230am. then got put back in till 130pm on the 29th. where i went to court and got a "PR" personal recoginaze bond.
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