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  1. This is what I was told. Yes he left the scene, his vehicle went off the right side and struck a guardrail. Damage to his vehicle and the guardrail. No other vehicles or people where involved. He left the vehicle and left because he panicked due to not having a driver's license. Which was the last thing he should have done period. Basically he called and is turning himself in. I'm sure he took his eyes of the road to plug his phone in order message with the radio but I'm just repeating what was explained to me. Not the best decision maker so a little helpful advice would help him tremendously. I do know that drugs and/or alcohol were not involved.
  2. A family member was in a single vehicle accident, but, he left the scene before cops arrived because he has no license. He called later and spoke to an officer. They asked for him to come in and give a statement in order to get the crash report finished and processed. I think he should seek the advice of an attorney before going, what's the best way to handle this besides the obvious bad decisions that were made! Any help would be appreciated!
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