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  1. I assumed going though my own insurance would mean accepting liability, and having to pay my deductible.
  2. I was in an accident where I was hit by a person driving a rental car. I have been going through the third party insurance company that handles their rental car, since they were liable for the damages. It has now been 9 days since the accident. I have already given my statement and police report, and was informed that an appraiser would come to evaluate the damages on my vehicle. No one has come to look at my car, and it has been a constant hassle of calling the adjuster for this claim over and over until I finally get an answer. I was told by this adjuster that it could take two weeks to get me into a rental car, which doesn't make sense to me. My car is completely non- drivable and it has been extremely difficult just trying to find a way to get to work everyday. I feel that I should have been in a rental car this entire time, until the repairs are done, but this adjuster has been consistently unresponsive. Where do I go from here?
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