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  1. The property manager emailed saying they don't have a contractor, just guessing it will cost $3000. They are planning to file a claim to their home insurance which they believe my roommate (because she had the lease) will have to reimburse. They also want to personally charge her for their insurance hike for having to make a claim. This seems outlandish.
  2. Do I need anything in writing from the landlord once I find a contractor?
  3. I lived for three years at a house in Washington but wasn't on the lease, my roommate was, though the landlords knew I lived there. They offered to give me a good rental reference because we never had late rent. When it came time to move out I rented a Uhaul truck and had my friend "spot" me as I backed up the driveway. He forgot to look up and waved me forward so that the top of the Uhaul hit the face board of the car port. It has a large crack in the board now and probably needs to be partially replaced. The landlord has told the person on the lease they want $3000, which could easily build a new carport. Uhaul insurance that I bought doesn't cover overhead collisions and I talked to my car insurance and they dont cover large hauler type vehicles. I need some next steps. What kind of lawyer can I talk to for advice?
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