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  1. he is actually a specialist in the field and performs them more then the 1st dr. I appreciate all the feedback. thanks
  2. i cant afford a lawyer. Can anyone show me info on how I can proceed please? Surgery is gonna happen and the workers comp insurance understands that but I think my first dr is a quack!
  3. I was given a medical provider for my work injury last Feb 2016. He has refused to do surgery on my foot for tarsel tunnel since the testing done by another dr office shows injury on other side of foot. He referred me to another dr for 2nd opinion who concluded I do in fact have tarsel tunnel in side of foot with pain and I want that dr to do the surgery. this has been a extremely long year and a half waiting and waiting. I was told by Workers Comp insurance I can not have the 2nd dr do the surgery since the 1st dr is my dr provided. I dont feel he is completely competent to help me. I feel I am just a paycheck to him. How can I get this surgery by the dr I know is going to get my results and get me back to work?
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