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  1. Appreciate your time, thank you very much.
  2. We didn't obtain copies of thr debtors schedule from the debtors attorney before the hearing. Can we still obtain the copies or not? There is about $83,000 in equity Can we take her to court to sell the house?
  3. Pardon me, it's not a hearing. It's a meeting of creditors to be questioned under oath in regards to bankruptcy.
  4. The title of the house is in two names, my husband and ex-d-i-l. ex-d-I-l tried to refinance with her step dad at the same time requested my husband to deed the house to her which my husband refused! When my husband refused to sign the deed, ex-d-I-l changed her mind and proceed to refinance with my husband. Things got ugly, no talking in person but only texting, even to the point that ex-d-I-l recorded some of our(husband and I) conversations in the privacy of our own bedroom! Because of the tensed living situation, the pressure and the constant mean text from ex-d-I-l, we agree to move out and let she and the three grand children stay in the house but at the same time, my husband and I are still paying our portion of the mortgage! ( she's done many shady things in the past and I don't want her to default us on the loan) We are seeing an attorney (Family Law), she told us us to get the house appraised based on current market value So she can draft a buy out proposal! Just as we had all this done, ex-d-I-l filed bankruptcy! Our attorney then told us that we can't give a buy out proposal as everything is pending until hearing on June 12! We we are confused, frustrated and mentally drained! Please help!!!
  5. Hello and thank you in advance for your time. My husband and I bought a house together with son and his ex wife before the divorce! Ex daughter in law refinanced with her step dad then she tried to get us to Deed her the house! We refused to sign the deed but we signed refinance agreement! Five months after we refinance she gave us a proposal to buy us out! Proposal was based on refinance appraisal which we refused to accept! A month ago we appraised the house based on current market value! Waiting for our attorney to write and submit our counter proposal based on our appraisal! We just got a letter that ex daughter in law filed bankruptcy chapter 7 and hearing will be on June 12! For the time being we moved most of our stuff out of the house and are renting a room elsewhere but we still have our bed and some personal belongings in the house and also still paying our portion of the mortgage! We have 3 beautiful grandchildren that I stayed home to lookafter! Our ex daughter in law wants all our stuff out of the house as she wants to rent out our room! She also want us to give her all the keys to the house! Any advice is appreciated
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