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  1. we have been renting for 3yr's and never been late with rent, My nine-year old daughter has juvenile diabetes so the Doctor told us that it would be a good idea to get her a dog as a companion to help her cope with stress. So that's what we did when out and got her a dog and had him certified as a service dog legally and presented the paperwork to the apartment complex. Now it's been about 6 month and started getting notices from the office that my daughter is not picking up after the dog (did I mention that they didn't say you're daughter , they actually send a letter that stated her name and that she is not picking up after the dog and that I'm going to be charged $50 fine ) which is not true and the office tell me that they had numerous complaints from four different people that's what they are saying. When I ask for proof of this allegations they said nothing. I do have a neighbor that lives next to me and they don't like dogs. What can I do because this feels like harassment to me. Do I get rid-off the dog or Do I fight this?
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