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  1. But he wouldn't allow me to, I had insurance and he said for me not to claim it under me. So he took the charges himself...but now he wants to sue and get money out of me. It's kind of a petty thing to do.
  2. Well I understand that, but his insurance covered the cost and supposedly the car had gap so the rest should've been covered right? I don't see how he can sue me if the car was supposed to be paid off. And isn't there a time frame for someone to take legal action?
  3. Okay so basically almost 2yrs ago, I got into a car accident and crashed my friends car. She immediately called her dad once I told her, and he said to not mention my name. So when, he went to file the claim with insurance, he filed it as her(my friend) crashing the car. Now the insurance paid off everything but there was a $2000 balance left, and it was sent to claims. Now, me and her are on bad terms, and we're not talking anymore. Her dad took this chance to try and sue me for the unpaid balance, and I'm stuck. I'm not sure what to do, should I be worried?
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