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  1. Ok, so my mother came down to visit from Kentucky. My fiance and I are both Florida residents. While my mother was driving, and my fiance was in the passenger seat they were rear ended by a truck pulling a trailer and caused her vehicle(my mother) to hit the vehicle in front of her. The driver of the truck claimed fault and a policeman came and filled out a report and agreed it was the driver of the trucks fault. Now heres where it gets tricky. Florida law requires everyone to have liability insurance and you dont sue the driver of the vehicle at fault, you sue your own insurance and they go after the at fault person. My fiance didnt have a vehicle at the time and had no liability insurance. The insurance company from the driver of the truck said they wouldnt cover the accident because their driver didnt have personal injury insurance which is insane to me. My mothers insurance said they wouldnt cover her bacause to cover passengers that are outside of the immidiate family is an extra opt-in charge that she didnt have. My fiance went to one super large, super busy law office that told her they wouldnt take the case and it discouraged her. Since then, my mother has been paid for her damages as well as hospital bills. My main question is would she be covered under one of these policies, my second question is that if I have her power of attorney(which I do) could I speak with a lawyer on her behalf and perhaps get a case filed. I ask not because that I want a massive settlement. But because we are set to be married next year and her once perfect credit now has over a thousand dollars in past due, in the process of collections, medical bills that will eventually fall on me once married. Any and all info would be appreciated.
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