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  1. Thank you so much elle md. All of this helps.
  2. Thought i asked but ok. i want to have my son and take him to his grandparents 10 miles away and she is refusing to let me and she's not welcome. can i take him without her permission? i have breast milk in bottles. #2 when we get divorced what are the chances i will get shared custody and how much time will i be able to keep him away from his mom?
  3. newborn, mom pumping and bottle feeding so not legally breast feeding. i want shared custody when we divorce. what am i looking at for seeing my son without his mother present
  4. My wife's boyfriend is in my home with my newborn. He has been convicted and served time for violent offences. 3 years incarcerated and now 2 years probation. felony agg battery. Anyway i can prevent him from being there?
  5. realtor stated she will give them a voucher to replace stainless steele appliances and seller will pay.
  6. closing has not occured yet. the appraisal for the fha financing showed they had switched appliances
  7. we walked thru the house. it had stainless steele appliances. on zillow it showed them too. finance company did appraisal and sent us pics the fridge was top freezer and stove was old black thing
  8. i am in the process of buying a house. upon original walk thru and pics on zillow, it has stainless steele appliances. today after appraisal done and pics with it there is a brown antiquated fridge and black stove. what can i do about this if any thing
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