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  1. In January of this year, I was involved in a car accident. I was at a stop sign in a shopping center, attempting to drive across the street directly into the parking lot of another shopping center. The other party was directly across from me, doing the same ( I assumed he was going straight since he had no signal on). When I saw that there were no cars coming from either side, I proceeded to cross the street. I was nearly to the driveway of the shopping center when the other driver turned left and t-boned me. So, in my opinion, the other driver was clearly at fault. I was unable to open my driver's side door as the air bags deployed from front and side. The police were called (by the other party). We exchanged information and gave our statements to the police. There were no witnesses. No personal injury was suffered by either of us, thankfully. The damage was significant to my driver's side door and back door. The other driver's car sustained damage to his driver's side front bumper and headlight. Neither his insurance, nor my insurance were able to decide who was at fault as it was my word vs. his. I don't have the money to pursue the repairs for my car which will include my requiring a rental vehicle. Therefore, I pursued arbitration through our insurance companies. I just inquired with the new adjuster at my insurance and was advised that, once AGAIN, no decision could be made due to the stories of where the impact in the road occurred. In addition, the other driver claims he had his blinker on and that I was travelling at a high rate of speed. Neither of these facts is true. I am not sure what to do at this point. My biggest frustration at this point is that I thought going through arbitration would guarantee that someone would be found at fault so that I can at least put the issue to rest, hopefully in my favor. Can anyone offer some input or advice?
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