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  1. Doucar... I am considering taking the owner of the condo to small claims court as she refused to reimburse me what I paid for the condo. I was in the condo for 2 days when I realized these were fleas and reported it. I have pictures to prove. My question is what is the likelihood that I would win this in small claims court? And if I did, how does the plaintiff get the money from the defendant? I have heard that you can win but the problem is collecting. It is not so much about the money, but more about how the owner of the condo responded. I want them to be accountable as owners of a residence I did not agree to rent an insect infested condo at the beach!
  2. I'm from Ohio and rented a condo in Myrtle Beach through VRBO website. I paid cash to the owner of the condo. After 1 night at this condo, my sister and I noticed tiny jumping insects. We took pictures. My sister was also bit. I took a picture of the bite. After doing some research we realized these were fleas. I notified the owner immediately after realizing the condo was infested. You could not sit anywhere in the condo without a flea landing on you. I told the owner we were leaving and wanted a full refund. She did notify the Real Estate Management company and an exterminator was there about 5 hours after I notified her of the fleas. We were told we had to vacate the premises for at least 5 hours. We did return to collect our belongings which I had to launder everything and disposed of my suitcase and purchased another. The owner refused to give me a full refund. She was very defensive and even suggested we brought the fleas in. She offered only to reimburse for the remainder of the stay. I was very upset about the fleas. I did not expect this stress when I paid for a supposedly nice place at the beach to relax. I was forced to spend time finding other accommodations in a resort town. These accommodations cost me a good deal more than what I paid the owner.