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  1. Sorry the intent is not to whine and complain, sorry you interpreted it in this manner. My intent was only to find out what rights I have as a homeowner however I will contact a lawyer as I don't like the attitudes on this website. Thanks
  2. I feel helpless and not sure where to turn. I live in Centennial, CO and have owned my single family home for 6 years. House next door to me is a rental and their backyard faces one end of my ranch house. We have an old wooden fence that separates my property from the rental home owners property. The landlord of the rental property rented the home to two individuals who brought three dogs with them. One Pit bull and two German Shepherds. The tenants keep the dogs in the backyard all day except for overnight hours. Myself and other neighbor owners have two problems including incessant barking and feeling threatened by the dogs whenever we are in our yards. We are working with animal control to get the barking under control however the dogs are trying to escape from the rental home backyard as they are left unattended most of time. The dogs act very aggressively and defensive any time I am working in the yard and feel that I am at risk of being harmed. A couple weeks ago one of the dogs busted through another portion of the fence that faces the street and acted in a menacing manner towards neighbors. The tenant dog owners received an Animal at large warning. The rental property owner patched up the fence where the dogs broke free and soon thereafter the dogs are back in the yard. I have made two calls to the rental home owner however she is refusing to return my calls. The tenants have been uncooperative with the barking issue and feel it to be a waste of time trying to get them to keep these dogs away from the fence. So I have uncooperative tenants and an uncooperative owner not willing to work with me to secure the fence. The fence is slowly becoming compromised and it's only a matter of time before they break into my backyard. What rights if any do I have to get that fence secured by the rental home property owner? It seems that it's going to take a dog attack to get animal control to remove the dogs from the rental property. I don't want to wait for that to happen and see myself or someone else get hurt. Is it within reason for me write a certified letter to the rental home owner asking for them to secure the old fence and again state the dogs are dangerous? Could the landlord be held liable should one of the dogs get loose and maul someone? The owner knows of the situation as the police called her the first time the dogs got loose. Trying to avoid taking legal action and want to exhaust all other avenues first. Is it my responsiblity to have a new property fence built to secure my yard and keep me safe even though I did not create the situation? i don't know how to handle in in the most sensible way… Thanks
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