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  1. No these are 2 seperat questions. I do not want and identity to use to run or flee or anything like that. I am guilty of my crimes and intend to serve the sentence. Let me give a little back history on me and maybe that will help. Yes I am a convicted felon but I am also a U.S Army vet and was an MP I'm good at investigation and related occupations. I just messed up and can't do law enforcement. But I'd still like to do Private Investigation and the avenue of working undercover intreagues me. Basically I'm asking howndes one work undercover using your real identity... Say a business hires me investigate there employees for theft etc... They would most likely hire me as an employee working beside the other employees. If I were to find out other employees were commuting crimes for my safety I wouldn't want my legal name known... Is there a legal way to accomplish this... If there isn't than obviously I will forget this because I DO NOT want to violate a 17 year sentence in any way
  2. Working as an "undercover" private investigator in Tennessee. there may be times where using my legal identity isn't an option. Is there a legal way to for business reasons and my safety have a complete 2nd set of identifications....
  3. In Tn you can be convicted of a felony and be sentenced to probation vs parole the difference is that if I screw up and violate on probation I don't get my street credit. I'd like all my rights restored if possible. But really I'm just looking to be able to go apply for a job and not have the felony hold me back.
  4. How does a person convicted of a felony and on probation get there sentence reduced? Example. If I'm on 17 years probation after so long can I ask for the remainder to be commuted? And how? And after a sentence is served how do I as a felon get my rights restored?
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