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  1. Well thanks for making a private message sent respect tfully your way a public one ...have a great day!
  2. OK, so being new to this site and working on multiple issues I am trying to get pictures from a Discovery , and PDF fi!es to download through the messenger service here withing FindLaw ... Basically , I am trying to receive pictures and discovery files from membes of our FindLaw community . He has info and pictures of a research we are doing together and is trying to send them to me .... My internet server is blocked with restrictions due to my situation , however I am able to research and do work on this site (ThanxFindLaw!).... If anyone can help with this I would appreciate the knowledge and information! Chris Nashville , Tn.
  3. Well thanks for the info PG1067...but please speak for yourself on the " no one has time to copy and paste" because some people on here don't mind helping people out! I appreciate all the help and ALL opinions, so no hard feelings! Chris Nashville
  4. Thank you for this information.... It does sound like a intense program for an alternative to incarceration . If someone has time could you please copy and paste a post on more info about DC4? ( like, program length, inpatient / outpatient information , any contact information such as emails , phone numbers , and addresses, type of activities and the actual setting the program is in? Myself and others are interested in this program so any and all info will help! Thank You
  5. I was recently informed about a program being given to offenders as part of sentencing for drug offenders / addicts . The program is in Nashville Tn and the Judge over it is Honorable Norman out of Davidson County. Does anyone have information about this program? The rules , requirements and the impatient/out patient terms to be completed? I don't have access to actually Google or search it online , so if anyone has researched information or online information they can post here that would be great and very helpful. I would also like to know of anyone who may be personally aware of the program , by experience or by working / being a counselor within it. ( so please tell me about it!) Again , it is called DC4 , Judge Norman is over it in Davidson County / Nashville . Thank You!
  6. Thanks , it worked great! I got the emails sent over to the cell phone
  7. Actually I'm cool on the AirFilter .... But I appreciate the offer , mine is all clean and should stay that way! Lol
  8. This is a little off the subject , I understand ..... But as I search through the available topics to post this in , I assume that researching something kind of relates to my question....lol Anyways , I am trying to send a message straight to a cell phone from an email / tablet or laptop. I know the cell numbers ( obviously ) but I don't know the Email formats? Each service provider has their own email format associated with the cell number ... Example: cricket customers may be .... 123-615-7890@mms.mycricket.com 123-615-7890@vzw.com ( for Verizon) Could someone please help me out with is ? Yes , its crazy ...but I am needing to send stuff from my email directly to a phone ! ( the service provider is cricket) Thank You Chris Nashville,Tn
  9. I have a friend who is going through pre trial phases and is trying to present the evidence of a falsified police report that resulted in him being charged. The situation is as follows.... He was invited into a home ,where he knew the residents, ultimately a po!ice report was made which listed items being stolen. However it is on video within the home that items that were taken was not listed and items that were shown taken was not on the report.... This is on camera however and the report and insurance clearly do not match up . The alleged victim has in fact falsified a police report to prevent from certain items being found stolen that were in his possession. Basically , we need to know if a police report is falsified and or misleading is it admissible in court and what should he do?
  10. I appreciate your opinion on this issue , I guess just because Its not what I wanted to hear I'm not going to give up on the fight of this matter . I have to firmly believe that it was my being intoxicated and under the influence of multiple narcotics is the result of this whole issue of whether my Rights were violated . Don't you think its impossible for someone not OF SOUND MIND to waive anything legally ? Especially your right to self incriminate?
  11. Can you legally waive your Miranda rights if you are under the influence or intoxicated? ......... I am currently in a criminal issue with the court....on the day of arrest the detectives took me to an interview room where multiple questions were asked and vague answers were given , however the DA now is trying to use this interview as a confession and of course I'm trying to fight it . I am represented by a public defender , and doing some of my own research to make sure proceedings are proper and fair toward my defence. I DID NOT sign a waiver of the Miranda rights , however the lead detective has audio of my saying I would talk with him from the scene of arrest .Then about an hour later , when I was taken and placed in the interview room ( where full recordings and video are available) ... The question I was asked was " do you remember your Miranda rights" and I stated" I knew them and was aware of them ".... And at that point questions proceeded and most answers given were very vague and a lot of " I don't remember or i dont knows" but there is some possible incriminating answers that are trying to be used against me. *** yes , on the day of the arrest , right after I left the interview room and was placed in the county jail .... drug and intoxication screens were given for detox issues with all incoming inmates due to medical policy. So there is a record of my being intoxicated or under the influence. Can anyone help me with this ? I need any case sitations or legal insight to present at the argument in a future suppression hearing because obviously I need to suppress the evidence of the alladged confession. Just to answer the obvious questions.... The crime(s) I am charged with are NON VIOLENT PROPERTY OFFENCES.... Thank you for your help and guidance !
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