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  1. Asked the people running the AA meeting. Also asked the manager of the building. She just put nicer signs of "NO SMOKING" and drew a rectangle outline on the entrance floor.
  2. I work in a 2 story building. I work on the 2nd floor. There is a AA group on the 1st floor. Every meeting all members come out and smoke. The entrance door of the building is open and all the smoke comes inside the building. the second floor doesn't have open air ventilation so the smoke is trapped. I have put signs up to smoke away from the entrance, but they continue to smoke at the door. I have asked to close the entrance door while they smoke outside, but they don't. Do I have any rights to breath air? Everyone in the second floor complains, but no one wants to anger an AA meeting. I have asked the people in charge of the AA meeting to enforce closing the door or smoke away from the door, but nothing. I was starting to belief I had no right to air, but I want to make sure first. DO I HAVE A CHANCE OF GETTING CLEAN AIR?
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