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  1. Thank you pg1067. Lesson learned. Never get just liability even if it's 14 y.o. used car. Also, his insurance isnt denying the claim. They're saying I have to indefinitely wait with no support (until he takes responsibility). It's a good idea contacting Banking and insurance dept. just that this car was registered in Pennsylvania so I think I should look for similar department in that state. Thank you again for your help.
  2. Hello everyone, A drunk driver hit my car a couple of weeks ago. It was a major accident. Police has the report which clearly says that the guy was drunk and is charged with 'Driving with Influence' and 'Reckless Driving' and that my car was parked and I wasn't even present at the spot. The guy's insurance company has deemed my car totalled but they say they can't go ahead and make a payment or put me in a rental car unless their insurer (drunk driver) calls them and take liability. I dont understand what I can do now. Just wait without a car? P.S. I just had liability and hence my insurance wouldnt help me much. Thank you in anticipation
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