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  1. no he wasnt turning yet he was still waiting on the stop sign
  2. i'm under my dads insurance and he called and there telling him its my fault
  3. i was parked on the street, and i went to bring in my car in the shop to work on it. where i work there a one way street with 2 lanes. there a stop sign right in front of the dealership and your suppose to make the first left on to the first lane there. the person who hit me made a wide turn, turning into the second lane where i was entering from my parking spot, as soon as i pulled out and enter the lane i was hit. my insurance is telling its my fault that he has the right away.
  4. yes i do who fault is it and where else should i do i was already in line when he made the wide turn ad hit me
  5. hi guys. so i was parked infront of my job got in my car to bring it in the shop to work on it. i left my parking spot and the guy on the stop sign made a wide turn and hit me. went through the insurance and now there telling me its my fault that he had the right away.
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