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  1. Let me rephrase. A voluntary amount above what the child support would be. That has already been discussed. She wants not only the support, but a voluntary increase above that.
  2. First: I never said anything about encouraging her to leave home, nor did I say she expressed a desire to leave. My only concern is the adoption. I know that at 17 children have a lot more say in their futures in the state and was wondering if that included adoption in regards to a father that has raised her for 13 years.
  3. In 2004 my ex wife and I married. She has a daughter that was 3 at the time. Fastforward 12 years and we separated and divorced this year. Her daughter (my step-daughter) has never had a biological father in her life. In fact she has always called me daddy and has always looked to me as her dad and would love to have me adopt her, however, her mother has decided that since we are no longer together hat she now refuses to allow it unless I agree to a voluntary increase in child support (we had another child together), or basically pay her to allow me to adopt her. At 17 in SC a minor child can leave the house without parental consent, but I'm trying to find out if me and her (my daughter) go to the courts after she turns 17 if we can petition the courts to overrule her mother's decision and allow me to adopt her.