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  1. I just started a new job and was required to go out of town on business. The company rented a car for me and two other employees to use on our trip. I was told to park for the week where I normally do. A few days into our trip, we were notified our cars were towed because maintenance decided last minute to re-pave the parking lot. I have a 2017 with a manual transmission. The cars were towed away, and when they realized they were ours, they were towed back. I had the car in first gear with the parking break on. If they towed the car from the front, it put stress on my e-break cable and my rear breaks. If they towed it from the back, it put stress on my clutch and transmission. Are they obligated to do anything other than replace parts if they are broken? A clutch and transmission can take a while before they go out because of abuse. I have only had the car three months and was not only authorized to park there for a week, but required by them.
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