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  1. Thanks for all your advice. I have been leaning towards taking it, and your comments have helped me think through this. Above all else, I want to recover a fair amount and not be taken advantage of, which is hard for me to gauge without having a lot of experience in diminished value and law. I'll sit on it for one more day and then decide- most likely accepting it. Thanks again!
  2. I'm trying to handle a diminished value claim without hiring an attorney. New Prime, Inc (self-insured trucking company) hit my vehicle (my vehicle being insured by Progressive). My insurance company handled the claim and repairs, and then recovered what they paid from New Prime. After acquiring a JD Power Vehicle Valuation of my vehicles pre-accident value ($13,093.50), the repair estimation reports (~$9,300), and a written offer from a dealer to buy the car back (only $6500), I made a claim for $6,593.50. After 6 minutes, I received a response for only $1200. I stood firm and asked them to reconsider. Their response has me concerned and confused. See below... "I have reviewed your claim and based on the value of your vehicle that you are submitting and the repairs your vehicle should have been a total loss. Your insurance company shouldn’t have repaired it they should have totaled it and there would have been no diminishment of value claim on a total loss. I can extend an offer of $3000.00 to you for the diminishment of value but nothing more than that. We have paid a total of $10,727.64 for the repairs and your rental car. If you add the amount of diminishment of value that you are wanting $6593.50 that would make the total amount of the claim $17,321.14 and your vehicle is only worth $13,093.50." Is saying my car should have been totaled and only offering the total amount the at-fault party has paid for repairs minus the pre-accident value a legitimate way to establish diminished value claims? Should my insurance company have totaled my vehicle, or is this person full of crap? If they should have, who should I go after for recovery? Does this person have a leg to stand on against my case? Thanks for your consideration and recommendations!
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